Corporate Training

In An Ever-Changing ,fast-paced corporate world, it is task to manage your work role and personal role. with the immense amount of responsibility, one need to master the art of time management, maintain cordial human relations while balancing the cordial leadership and teamwork in the corporate world.

our corporate training motivates you to became more efficient and accurate. moreover you start loving your work and people will start loving you.

“Confidence Comes From Discipline And Training”

  • Leadership
  • Time Management
  • Human Relationship & Communication
  • Teamwork
  • Public Speaking
  • Entrepreneur Development

Edu - Power

Constant learning gives you power to sustain, power to lead, power to control situation. EDU-POWER ensure an overall development for students, parents and teachers.

education in true sense is learning beyond textbooks. when you sow a seeds, it sprouts to become a beautiful tree which gives shade and fruits for lifetime.let us empower you, and make your worthy to be known for your knowledge. with Our Seminars We Intend To Appraise Your Purpose And Performance in the Field of your responsibility.

“More You Learn, More You Prosper”

  • Teacher’s Workshop
  • Parent’s Counselling
  • Student’s Guidance


change is the only constant thing. in life, at some point, we might have to go back to the roots to make amendments with our own self and with others with a better mind-set. this process of transformation starts from the day you decide to change your outlook and we hold you and give you a right direction. from that point, you shall keep expanding your horizons by learning how to build a better future, healthy relations and refreshing mindset.

“You Grow Only When You ADAPT To Change”

  • Express & Impress
  • Building A Better Future
  • Create Work – Life Balance
  • Self – Building

“Your World, New Outlook, New Horizon.”