7 Happiness Habits


“It is simple to be Happy, It is so difficult to be Simple” – Bawarchi (hindi movie)

      People find happiness in big events such as marriage, party or a vacation, and miss out thousands and thousands of happy moments each day. We are been thought to make occasion big – large, even larger than life. Now in this era we are looking into world through others eye via social media. And then we feel that our own life is not happening. We feel demotivated, less privileged, highly stressed, and surrounded with responsibilities and duties.

      Because of this pressure of making things big and large, we are losing the beauty of small but plenty of or say millions of mini happiness moments. And actually life is in those moments. A moment of smiling at each other, a moment of a sip of coffee, a moment in joy in cooking or reading, a moment of becoming kid with kid, a moment with parents, a moment of sitting with self in fresh air. Many such moments are the real essence of happiness and actually that is life.

      Why not we just start living our life in finding the beauty of tiny, mini moments which are available now around us. Why to wait for big events to happen, just to be happy. Why? just think. The art is : Experience the joy of searching smile in everything that happens around you.

      One need to understand that happiness is a state of mind of present moment. It is here right NOW. Small, tiny moments are in abundance.

      Great thing is that you have the power to create these infinite magical moments every day in LIFE. By just 7 Daily Happiness Habits.

Exercise – Just 15 minutes to 1 hour a day for your body. This increase the energy of Soul each day. Any format of exercise with comforts you, and you enjoy doing it.

Mental Stimulation – Half-n-hour with the wisdom of the author/ writer of a book will help you grow – YOU as a Persona. Reading a book is like talking with the writer. Other options can be crossword puzzles, writing article etc.

Spiritual Stimulation – Nothing to do with religion, but an action that energizes the soul. Like a sport or listening to music, going to an art gallery or even a meditation. Any such act that stimulates the inner senses of self.

Doing a good turn – Just a small act of kindness or helping someone in a day makes the day with PRIDE. One can be thankful in return to something good happens to you.

Taking a pleasure break with Friend – A cup of coffee with a friend or a small walk to get fresh air with a companion. Not too long but just half-n-hour a day.

Giving yourself a Treat – Make a list of things which you would like to do to celebrate happiness, and just do one of them in a day. This is to celebrate each day and moment as a Gift. See the VIBES you will create.

Congratulate Yourself – Congratulate yourself for following your happiness habits daily. Congratulate yourself for wonderful Life

Hope these small steps will create many magical moment of Happiness each day.

LIVE in TODAY, LIVE in the moment called “NOW”.

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