Causes of hair loss and possible remedies

Hair loss remedy

Finding one specific cause of hair loss in humans could be challenging; a number of factors add up to hair loss which also requires a corresponding remedy to bring it back to normal. In females, hair loss is wrongly attributed to poor hair treatment, use of bad hair relaxer, shampoo and conditioner, use of too … Read more

Does a full breast really make a woman’s beauty or a mere complement?

Breast size

Women often get obsessed about the size of their breast especially if it looks too small at an older age. Teen girls who have just arrived puberty can’t really wait to start wearing braziers because they suppose that is where a woman’s beauty all lies; while some others really wish that time never comes. Matured ladies are … Read more

4 Effective Water Fruits for Glowing skin that Really Work (Number 2 is my favourite)

Glowing Skin, Skin care, Beauty

There is absolutely nothing wrong with giving your skin the best treat it truly deserves; if you don’t, where will your body leave? It is ok if you choose to apply the best of body scrubs, creams and all of the ‘applicables’ but nothing beats ‘healthy food for healthy skin’. These vegetables and fruits naturally … Read more